Pyrogen-free Microplates, pyrogen-free 96-well plates Strips and Reagent Reservoirs

Selection of one pyrogen-free 96-well microplate with cover or individual strip (12 strips and each strip with 8 wells), economical consumables solution for the quantitative endotoxin test assay. The individual wrapped 8-well strip is an ideal solution for the quantitative endotoxin test assay. Pyrogen-free reservoir provide the solution of endotoxin free level container for the samples vessel. Those 96-well microplates mainly use in the method of kinetic turbidimetric endotoxin test assay, kinetic chromogenic endotoxin test assay, micro kinetic chromogenic endotoxin test assay, end point chromogenic endotoxin test assay ( microplate method ), and recombinant factor C fluorometric assay. 

Product Detail

Pyrogen-free 96-well Microplates, 96-well microplate strips and pyrogen-free Reagent Reservoir

1. Product information

These pyrogen-free 96-well plates (endotoxin-free microplates, pyrogen-free reservoir, cell culture plate, endotoxin-free plates) is used in the End-point Chromogenic Lyophilized Amebocyte Lysate Assay, Kinetic Chromogenic Lyophilized Amebocyte Lysate Assay and Kinetic Turbidimetric  endotoxin test assay. The microplates and resevoirs contain endotoxins <0.005 EU/ml endotoxin. Catalog number MPC96 is the pyrogen-free 12 strip X 8 well 96-well plate, strips are individual wrapped.

2. Product parameter

Catalog No.



Pyrogen-free 96-well Microplate with Lid


Pyrogen-free 8 well 96-well Plate Strips, Individual Wrapped


Pyrogen-free Reagent Resevoir, 5pcs/pack

Endotoxin level: ≤0.0005 EU/well

3. Product feature and application

Endotoxin free microplate and pyrogen-free reservoir mainly used in the kits of end-point chromogenic endotoxin assay, kinetic turbidimetric endotoxin assay, kinetic chromogenic endotoxin assay and Recombinant Factor C Fluorometric Assay. Bioendo have launched the micro kinetic chromogenic endotoxin test kit.  


Why would I use endotoxin-free test consumables?

Consumables or accessories use in the endotoxin test assay, that is very necessary, all endotoxin free level consumables are the guarantee for the correct result of endotoxin testing in the becterial endotoxin test. Such as endotoxin free tubes; endotoxin free pipette tips; endotoxin free 96-well microplates; endotoxin free sample bottles ( depyrogenated glassware ); According to China Pharmacopoeia, the utensils needed in the procedure of endotoxin test assay, such as sample vessel, dilution and reaction tubes, pipette tips, have to choose endotoxin free consumables. the utensils needed for the experiment need to be processed to remove possible exogenous endotoxins. If the endotoxin is not removed, it will interfere with the experiment.

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