Bioendo™ rFC Endotoxin Test Kit(Recombinant Factor C Fluorometric Assay)

Bioendo™ rFC Endotoxin Test Kit (Recombinant Factor C Fluorometric Assay) uses gene recombination technique to express the serine protease catalytic cascade protein Factor C which reacts with endotoxin in Tachypleus Amebocyte in eukaryotic cells.  After binding with endotoxin, recombinant Factor C is transformed from inactive proteasogen to bioactive protease, which recognizes and catalyzes the downstream Fluorometric substrate to produce Fluorometric signals. The intensity of fluorescence signal is positively correlated with the concentration of endotoxin, so endotoxin can be detected quantitatively. The recombinant Factor C endotoxin test does not use natural horseshoe crab amebocyte, which protects horseshoe crab resources. It is a new generation of endotoxin test technology.

Product Detail

Bioendo™ rFC Endotoxin Test Kit  (Recombinant Factor C Fluorometric Assay)

Instrument required: Professional incubating fluorescence microplate reader is required with excitation wavelength 380nm/emission wavelength 440nm filters (please consult our sales department for details).



1. Rapid Reaction: 30 - 60 minutes to complete the detection

2. Endotoxin Specificity: only reacts with endotoxin, avoiding beta-glucan interference

3. High sensitivity: the minimum detection can reach 0.005EU/ml

4. Lot-to-lot Repeatability: recombinant expression, good repeatability between lots

5. Reagents are in lyophilized form, easy to store and transport

6. Easy-of-use, the system automatically detects and analyzes in one step.


Purchase recommendation

Catalog number  Specification Detection range
RFC96TS 2 Recombinant Factor C -- 2.5ml/vial; 2 Reconstitution Buffer -- 3.0ml/vial; 

2 Control Standard Endotoxin -- CSE10V; 

1  Water for BET -- TRW50, 50ml; 

15 Endotoxin-free black; 

8-well microplate strip;

1 Strips bracket;


RFC96T 0.01-10EU/ml
MPF96  Endotoxin-free black 8-well plate strip(for Recombinant Factor C Fluorometric Assay)

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