Cell Therapy (Kinetic Chromogenic Method)

Cell Therapy (Kinetic Chromogenic Method)

Cell therapy technology has become one of the most eye-catching fields in recent years. Regenerative medicine with stem cell therapy as the core will become another disease treatment approach after drug therapy and surgical treatment. It has broad application prospects and benefits more patients. . But cell products are ultimately used in the human body, so specific quality standards need to be established for quality control. Specifically, quality control is required in the whole process of donor screening, tissue grading, cell isolation, culture, cryopreservation, resuscitation, release, transportation, and use to ensure product stability, efficacy and safety.

In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of stem cell therapy, the endotoxin content must be strictly detected in multiple links (such as culture medium, cell suspension, etc.) The advantages of the reagent and the end-point chromogenic matrix Lysate reagent can accurately quantify bacterial endotoxin according to the chromogenic reaction, and have strong anti-interference ability. The detection range is 5 orders of magnitude, and the sensitivity is as high as 0.001EU/ml. Equipped with Bioendo's endotoxin test microorganism rapid detection system ELx808, which is convenient to operate, allows multiple samples to be detected in 96 high-throughput plates at the same time, the system automatically detects and analyzes, and quantitatively and accurately detects the content of endotoxin, which provides the research of cell therapy. Quality control guarantee provides technical support for endotoxin detection of stem cell preparation quality.

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