Quantitative Endotoxin Assay Solution For WFI or Dialysate

Dialysis (Micro Kinetic Chromogenic Method)

In the 1970s, the unfortunate hemodialysis incident of "pyrogenic reaction" broke out in the United States. Later investigations found that the dialysate was contaminated by Gram-negative bacteria. The pyrogen reaction caused by hemodialysis is mainly that the pyrogen in the dialyzer and the dialysis water exceeds the standard, and the pyrogen content in the patient's blood is increased during the dialysis process, causing a series of symptoms. In order to avoid adverse reactions of poor water quality to patients, the configuration of dialysate, the flushing of dialysate, and the water used for dialyzer and blood pipelines all require the use of sterile deionized water, namely dialysis water. The hygienic quality of dialysis water is related to the health and quality of life of many patients with renal failure. Therefore, it is crucial to regulate the quality of dialysis-related water.

The Lysate reagent micro KC using kinetic chromogenic micro-technology requires only 25 μl of sample and 25 μl of Lysate reagent for each test. It has strong anti-interference ability and a sensitivity of up to 0.005EU/ml. It is very suitable for the endotoxin detection of dialysis-related products. It is equipped with a specially customized micro-detection 96-well plate/slat and lysate test microorganism rapid detection system ELx808, which realizes the micro-quantification kinetic chromogenic endotoxin detection, and the system automatically detects and analyzes in one step.

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Microplate reader: ELx808

We offer Bioendo KT endotoxin test kit, ELx808, vortex mixer and pyrogen-free microplate strips for  quantitative endotoxin assay solution for WFI or Dialysate.