What Is Hemodialysis

To produce urine is one of the functions of the healthy kidneys do in the body. However, kidneys will not filter the blood and produce urine if kidney functions do not act well. This will lead to toxins and excess fluid, then will harm human body accordingly. It is fortunate that current treatment and medicine can replace part of functions of healthy kidneys to keep the body alive.

Hemodialysis is a treatment to filter waster and water from the blood which could replace part of functions of healthy kidneys. It will also helps control blood pressure and balance important minerals.

Dialysis solution is employed to filter waster and water from the blood when the blood runs through the filter. Then the filtered blood will enter the body again.

One of the key points during hemodialysis is to make sure that LPS (i.e. endotoxin) which could lead to fever or other fatal results should meet with related requirements. And it is necessary to do endotoxin detection for dialysis solution.

Bioendo is the endotoxin expert in China, and has been producing high-quality lyophilized amebocyte lysate and endotoxin assay kit for more than 40 years. Bioendo also produce amebocyte lysate to detect endotoxin in dialysis and water. Bioendo’s amebocytel lysate could help doctors to detect endotoxin efficiently.

Post time: Nov-28-2018