Pyrogen free consumables – Endotoxin free tubes / tips / microplates

Pyrogen-free consumables are consumables without exogenous endotoxin, including pyrogen-free pipette tips (tip boxes), pyrogen-free test tubes or called endotoxin free tubes, pyrogen-free glass ampoules, endotoxin-free 96-well microplates, and endotoxin-free water (depyrogenated water use in the bacterial endotoxin test ), and etc. Among them, the water for bacterial endotoxintest by gel clot method in the Pharmacopoeia 05 edition refers to sterile water for injection with endotoxin content less than 0.015EU/ml. Now the latest version of Pharmacopoeia, the BET water is less than 0.005EU/ml. 

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endotoxin free tubes  endotoxin free tubes


Pyrogen: Also called pyrogen or exothermic factor. substances that can cause an increase in body temperature.
Heat Source: An object that emits heat. Such as burning matches, charcoal, etc.
The above two are two completely different concepts.

The so-called “non-pyrogenic consumables” and “pyrogenic response” of some manufacturers and merchants are actually very unprofessional and misleading names. The correct ones should be “Pyrogen Free” and “Pyrogen Response”.

Post time: Nov-07-2022

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