Bioendo supports the research and development of endotoxin detection in the field of stem cell

In December 2018, a stem cell innovation research institute jointly established by a tertiary hospital and a high-tech park will serve as a regional center integrating stem cell collection and storage, stem cell technology and product research and development to promote new breakthroughs in the new stem cell industry and benefit more many patients. Regenerative medicine with stem cell therapy as the core will become another disease treatment approach after drug therapy and surgery, thus establishing the core of the new medical revolution. In addition to its important significance in cell therapy, tissue and organ transplantation, and gene therapy, stem cell research will also have an extremely important impact in the fields of new gene discovery and gene function analysis, developmental biological models, new drug development and drug efficacy, and toxicity assessment. . To ensure the safety and effectiveness of stem cell therapy, quality control testing items include fungi, endotoxins, etc. Our BIOENDO dynamic chromogenic endotoxin detection kits are equipped with special endotoxin detection equipment, which can quantitatively and accurately detect the content of endotoxin, provide quality control guarantee for stem cell research, and prepare high-quality endotoxin for stem cell preparations Detection provides technical support.

Post time: Mar-25-2021