Bioendo brand show in the ArabLAB Expo ( new products are launched in the exhibition )

ARABLAB 2019, Endotoxin Test


Xiamen Bioendo Technology Co.,Ltd

  • Products conform to USP, EP, JP standards
  • Registered at CFDA since 1978
  • China National Reference Standard quality
  • Reagent includes beta-glucan inhibitor in the formulation, are all endotoxin specific
  • Gel Clot reagents sensitivities 0.015-2.0EU/ml
  • Vial size available: single tests, 1.7ml, 2.8ml and 5.2ml
  • High quality and low cost endotoxin-free accessories
  • Shipping at room temperature, reduce the shipping cost


Arablab 2019, Exhibition Booth: 676

Lyophilized Amoebocyte Lysate manufacturer warmly welcome you visit Arablab, 12-14 March 2019.

In the show you will know well LAL Brand Bioendo, main products as follows:

Gel clot Endotoxin Assay (Single test & Multi test)

Rapid gel clot LAL

Endotoxin Assay Kit for Water and Dialysate

Kinetic Turbidimetric LAL

Kinetic Chromogenic LAL

End-point Chromogenic LAL

Clinical Diagnostic LAL

Endotoxin Removal Assay kit for Human Plasma


Five years later, we will go to ARABLAB show which is the most famous exhibition in middle east markets. 

warmly welcome you visit :

Inivation Letter


In this exhibition, we will launch the new kits:

Recombinant Cascade Reagents Chromogenic Assay

Recombinant Factor C Fluorometric Assay


Post time: Jan-12-2019